Project Success offers three inter-dependent approaches designed to help students develop a strong foundation and appreciation for the learning process, personal responsibility and improved behavior patterns.

Approach One - introduces students to positive attitudes toward learning and academic achievement based on individual ability.

Approach Two - encourages students to focus on personal responsibility and harmonious living with a direct focus on ethical decision making and needed behavior adjustments.

Approach Three -assist youth to identify and perform community service projects within their community and afar while promoting a passionate desire for the development of positive attitudes toward personal and community responsibility.

Ultimately, the goal of Project Success is to uncover and expose the root causes of poor and minimal academic performance and poor attitudes while encouraging responsible and productive models of acquiring knowledge, basic study habits, attitude changes and productive life practices. TSCS focuses on students who have compliance issues, however; demonstrate the ability to succeed academically. Project Success was implemented 2009-2010 as a pilot program with students from Garrison Elementary School during after school hours. Programs were offered to encourage and assist students to achieve their full potential while exposing them to positive behavior and sound ethical decision making. TSCS wishes to provide opportunities that will expose students of Garrison Elementary School and other feeder schools to various cultural events and educational travel.


TSCS believes that family relationship is strengthen through education, work ethic and healthy activities. Therefore, the objective of the Family and Adult Support Program is to assist adults who seek to increase their potential for personal accomplishment and success through literacy, financial health and computer knowledge. The program is designed to nurture each individual to increase knowledge and awareness by successfully completing educational requirements needed to gain, maintain and advance in the work place. The Program objectives are to:
  • Develop and build literacy potential
  • Increase the ability to acquire, Integrate, extend and meaningfully apply strategies and skills
  • Promote productive habits in the work place
  • Enhance the ability to acquire and apply productive habits
Ultimately, the program goals are structured in a way to assist families to reach their full potential and to succeed as productive citizens able to contribute to their local communities. The Family Support and Adult Program designed to address the priority areas that affect the productivity and stability of the family unit by encouraging positive attitudes and behavior patterns. This will be accomplished by individual, group and family assessment, individual and family counseling, and a comprehensive support group dynamic and crisis referral service.

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